Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ants in my Taper Pants

Nervous time! We leave for VT in two days, race starts in three. Yikes!

This is the one and only thing I dislike about ultra-running: the last couple of days leading up to a big, scary race. For some reason the anxiety has hit me particularly hard this week. I woke up two nights ago night a little freaked about running through the dark of night by myself. And last night I barely slept at all. This isn't good. These are the nights I need to be getting good sleeps. Alas.

I think it's because I have not yet run 100 miles. I know enough from my failed attempt last year to know that it's going to be tough. But I don't know how tough. Those last thirty miles are where the true race begins. The last 30 miles are unknown territory.

All in all I am very much looking forward to getting out and running. I know that once I get started everything will be fine. I just have to get there.

Meanwhile, there is so much packing to do. We are staying up in New Hampshire for a family vacation the week after the race, so in addition to all of my drop bags and race stuff, I need to pack a week of clothing, toys and food for a family of five. And packing really ain't my thing.

Sometimes I have to wonder why I put myself through it. Why all this craziness? Ah, yes. It's because I love ultra races. I love the whole scene: the people, the trails, the aid stations, the long runs, the camaraderie, the post-race chatter. All of it.

And I'll be smack in the midst of it in just a couple of days. And it will be great!


  1. I love the title of this one :) I have ants in my pants, too! I can't imagine doing all that packing on top of race packing, yikes! You're pretty lucky, though, being able to over pack if you so please since you don't have to worry about checking luggage on a plane; I kinda wish I could drive to this thing!

    It's gonna be scary and all that, but I'm totally looking forward to this race and the experience of it all. Hopefully we run into each other on the course at some point! I'll be camping at Silver Hill Friday night, so I'll be the blonde with the stiff neck and sore back from sleeping on the cold, wet Vermont ground :)

    Good luck with your packing and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahahahaha! When I saw your blog title, the first thing I thought of was a line from an old Parliament Funkadelic song "I've got ants in my pants and I need to dance." I guess you'd substitute run for dance, huh? I hope you have a fabulous run and an even better vacation. Will be anxiously awaiting the race report!

  3. Thanks, Helen. I'm going to find that song!

    Paige, I'm camping, too. Xta room if that's helpful (so you don't have to pack a tent on the plane). Yellow Walrus brand backpacking tent with grey mouse hole patches (doesn't that sound inviting!!).

    VT here we come!!!.

  4. Hi Pam--
    Love your blog and I wish you the best this weekend. I'm only a 26 miler and thoroughly enjoy reading about all of your adventures, preparations, race recaps, etc. Have you ever submitted something to the "Marathon and Beyond" publication? I enjoy reading that and I think you would really be able to make a contribution to them.
    Anyway, best of luck!

  5. Well---what happened? How was it?

  6. Woohoo! I'm discovering homeschool/ultrarunners exist!! Amazing! We are a rare breed out on the trail. Moms at home with their children but love the trail! Good luck w/ Vermont you'll do great!

  7. VT100 Report? How you feeling? Oh, did I see you're running GRINDSTONE? You are sick, really sick :) Maybe I'll join you ;)


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