Friday, August 28, 2009

And on the 7th day.....

She biked. For about an hour and a half on Thursday afternoon. It felt good. Nothing hurt.

And now, this morning, after all of that deprivation and relatively good-humored despair, my leg hurts. Just a little, but still.

This is starting to get me down. I really did think a week of No Running would take care of this problem. Obviously I was wrong, because here I set with an ice pack on my leg and no prospect of EVER RUNNING AGAIN.

Yes, I'll run again. I'm just having a few moments of weakness, after all. But when?

Having not run for most of the summer, I am still trying to understand the lure. Why this need to constantly move forward? To feel the ground under my feet in that very specific thump-thump way that nothing but running provides. I yearn for the thump-thump under my feet. For the pleasant, stare-inducing exhaustion that comes after a good, long run. Just for the feeling of moving at a decent pace across the earth for hours at a time.

No, this isn't life or death. Yes, I am whining. I have so very much in my life to be thankful for, and Not Running has highlighted much of that. And assuming I do return to distance running (yes, for goodness sake, you will), I will be ever so grateful for that first long run.

I saw a new physical therapist this week, because my usual PT, Bill, is on vacation. She said this to me: "You're almost there. It's getting much better. You should be running again in two, three weeks!"


Okay, breathe. You'll live. You'll run again.

The upside of all of this is that I have finally gotten myself into the weight room. I saw a trainer this week for an hour and she showed me some great stuff. And my book arrived (thank you for the tip, Helen).

It's called The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I like the premise: forget toning, forget spot training, don't worry about bulking up because it probably won't happen, just get into the gym and go for it. The authors present six to eight months of great workouts to be done in succession, highlighting the big muscle groups. Once I can safely do a squat (I'll have to ask the PT about that), I begin the regime. I'm actually, weirdly, looking forward to it.

And now I feel better. Just walked around and let the dogs out and my leg feels fine. I want to go back and delete all of that whining up there, but I won't. Let it stand. I hope to go back some brighter future day and see how ridiculous I was. Move on.

Up side: I wasn't out running when this happened. (Yes, we have a bright plastic Slip n Slide in the yard. Sorry, neighbors!)

Or this. (The Country Fair for Nell's last day of camp at Terra Firma Farm.)

Or this. (How do these children survive each day intact??)

AND I cleaned the house and got some of our homeschool stuff in order. Who needs running when life is as rich as this?


  1. I love your whiny blog - Authenticity is the best!!!!

  2. Aimee! It gets even more authentic.....After writing this, in a fit of pique I took the dogs for a fast walk. And now it hurts again. Waaaaaa!

  3. Pam, In deaing with an achy heel, I relate SO much to your post. I am fortunate and have been able to run (about every other day) and biking on the off days is fine, but the pain seems to be almost gone then suddenly reaapears! Yesterday at work my heel REALLY ached walking down the hallway, but felt fine on my 50 minute run! I think for me, running has been the constant, the thing that helps me meet whatever challenges come my way - so when Running becomes the challenge, I feel quite uncomfortabe and a bit out of sorts. Here is to a quick recovery!

  4. You're coming along! In the grand scheme of things, 2-3 weeks is nothing :) Though, it feels like a horribly long time I'm sure. It's great that you're getting into the weight room; I think you are going to be really happy with the outcome of getting into that. Go you!

  5. Thanks, Michele. Same to you! We'll get there....

    Paige, I know you're right. It's nothing. But it feels like all of my hard earned fitness is slipping away. Alas. There are worse things. And the weights are quickly becoming my friends!

  6. So what did I tell you? Lets see, 2 to 3 weeks on top of 1 to 2 weeks. I think that about adds up to 1 month (maybe just beyond). How amazing is that? Guess what? It will not kill you or hurt you in the long run (pun intended!). You might lose a little bit of your running endurance but not all of it. The more time you spend not running now will a)help you heal (this means no fast walking with the dog. Take a slow stroll) b) have less chances that you will injure it again and c)you will be able to run the fall races you want. So, do you want to go for a bike ride on Sunday? Let me know.

  7. Bob: Okay genius, you were right. Can I take a rain check (quite literally)? Bike next Sunday? I'm going to try for a complete rest weekend....

  8. Let me just say, "I told you so!" Ha! Pam, I once could not run for 10 weeks. 10 FREAKING WEEKS! Guess why? Because I refused to stop running or trying to run when I was told to. Glad you got your book. At times when my runner's knee is acting up I've had to modify the lunging/squatting aspects of that program as well. In any case, get started now and that will take you through the winter.

  9. I can imagine how you must feel. When I don't run for a while I get all nervous and antsy. I really need it to gather myself, to find myself again.

    I love your running skirt by the way! I'm a great fan of them: they hide a multitude of sins and look great.

    If I may be so bold: would you like to exchange links with me?


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