Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thinking too much

When I am not actually running, I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about running. All of the where's and when's and why's percolate through my brain like a long, crazy strand of Mardi Gras beads, all clanging and bumping into one another, creating nothing but a whole lot of noise.

Perseverating, I believe it's called.

I'm like a junkie looking for the next hit, plotting and planning how to score the good dope without inconveniencing myself and my family overly much.

But it's a HEALTHY addiction!

This mental activity always reached a fever pitch whenever I'm injured (which seems to be happening more and more lately) or tapering/recovering from a race.

Today, I am still in slight recovery mode from Wapack, and I may or may not have an issue with the top of my left foot (feels great at the moment; not sure how it will feel when I run on it.)

I am planning to head out the door in a few minutes to run for hour or so before the kids get up. It's that "or so" that's giving me so much trouble. Because I may or may not have a free couple of hours later this morning. Nell and Simon have an art class in New London from 10-12. Ben may or may not want to go. If he goes, I'm free for two hours. These free hours are rare, and I always use them to run. But can my foot handle two more hours of running today? Shouldn't I simply walk the dog during these early morning hours, and run during the class. Or run now and grocery shop during the class? Shouldn't I just go grocery shopping? Isn't that what most of the Other Mothers do?

But if Ben decides not to go to the class, I'll take him to the playground and miss my running altogether if I don't run now. Last night, Ben was on the fence. One minute he wanted to go to the art class, the next minute he wanted to go to the playground. He has no idea how he tortures his Poor Mum.

You see how it goes. These thoughts have been non-stop since I got up an hour ago.

Blogging as Purging Exercise.

I'm going for a run........


  1. I hope that your second run is ruled by how you felt on your first run. Don't go backward in time and get to the point of not running. You are doing Escarpment? Are you planning on taking the family and camp? It is a good campground and the kids can have a great time while you are out on the trail. There is a lake there and hopefully it is warm enough (but not too warm since you are running). Grace has run that race a few times also.

  2. Roger that, Bob. As my Dad always says, life is a series of compromises. One hour run, one hour grocery shop.

    What's the name of that campground?

    Can you come out and play this weekend?

  3. I can totally relate, except I have 2 shots at running- 4:30am before hubby leaves for work or when he gets home, which is changing now as he is starting to bike again. My kids are too young to leave, and don't do all the same stuff whereby I could leave them at a class and go... :( I have to force myself to take a day off(that being today) and I just saw a runner go by...a rareity as I live in the boonies and afaik I am the only runner in the 'neighborhood' so now I am trying to figure out how I can run before I go to PT tonite... ;)

    I am still recovering from Wapak as well...I have 'turf toe' in both feet (pain in the big toe 'knuckle') which is severely aggrivated by running on steep rocky trails. I am a HUGE fan of PT, especially if you can find a good sport's med. clinic. They keep you running through your injury, if at all possible, with only a few modifications. I find it is good to have them in my corner as I am not getting any younger! (or injury-prone, lol)

  4. RBG: Same thing, but only in one foot. My big toe knuckle hurts and radiates down the top of my foot. But it's much better all on it's own today. I agree that PT is the best. It's just so hard to get there and such a pain to bring all the kids along (as you well know).

    I wish I was running Pittsfield Peaks. You'll have fun!


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