Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been more or less injured for the last month. Plantar fasciitis, or so I am told, in my left foot. I do not have the classic heel pain -- my trouble is soreness around the top of my foot probably due to a high arch -- but my PT is treating it as plantar fasciitis and the treatment is working. Who am I to question why?

More worrisome to me is that I am starting to feel some early morning twinges in my right heel as well as a bit of soreness around the ball of my foot while running hills. Methinks the right foot is next.

I am switching shoes. I like to wear Saucony. I have been using the Grid Trigon Ride for the past year or so. Based on the little test I took on the Saucony website, I should probably be wearing the ProGrid Triumph 5, so I ordered a pair from my favorite running shoe supplier, Zanzabar Bazaar. I am also stretching more (up from never, ever stretching), icing both feet after most runs and cross training.

After more than 30 years of running (started doing 10Ks in the fifth grade) this is my first real injury. I guess I should count myself lucky, but I still hate it.

I did my first long run since mid-July last Saturday and the foot felt fine, so I must be on the mend. As long as I lace my shoes around the affected area I can pretty much run pain free.

Started early Saturday morning (5 a.m.) at my friend Grace's house up in the hills. We ran 20 miles on roads and trails, saw the sun come up over a pretty farm pond, and talked about our own private insanities. We are similarly driven and similarly perceived as bizarre and elitist by our respective families.

I saw a great bumper sticker on my run yesterday afternoon: Elites for Obama. I want to find one to send to my parents. Give them a giggle.

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