Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting out

We are still at the stage of our homeschool development in which it is important (or at least I think it's important) for us to get out of the house every day. I always go through this stage when I find myself in a new, attention-demanding situation. I need a mental and physical break. And the kids probably do too.

When Nell was first born, we would go for a run in the stroller every morning and a walk in the front pack every afternoon. Ditto after the birth of both of her brothers. I couldn't stand the thought of being stuck in the house all day with a baby (much as I loved them all). As time went by and I got more comfortable being "confined," however, the need to get out waned, and sometimes disappeard completely.

But right now, we all need to get out of the house.

There are so many homeschool activities here that finding someplace to go is never a problem. But getting everyone away from their projects, out of their pajamas, into their shoes, and into the car is an energy draining propostion. Every time.

There is always one kid who doesn't want to go wherever it is we are headed, and one or two who cannot wait to get out. I am constantly coaxing at least one kid into the car. It's exhausting.

Monday we went to the Humane Society to look at the dogs. Excellent outing (once we were all in the car). There were dogs, cats, kittens, guinea pigs, birds, and even an exotic lizard, all in need of a nice long visit from a bunch of excited kids. The woman working there loved them. She gave them a tour and introduced them to each animal. We all fell in love with a 2-year-old greyhound named Paco. We are inching closer to getting a dog.

Yesterday we went to Community Think, our local homeschool coop at the library. Again, excellent. The kids played dramatic games while I chatted with some of the other parents, all of whom seem to be kindred spirits. Then everyone went over to the skateboard park. Nell, Simon and Ben loved sliding down the slippery hills with all the other kids. It was good for them to connect with other homeschoolers.

Yesterday afternoon, Grandma came for her weekly art lesson. They made collages!

Today we take Nell to art class. I want to check out a local trail I have not yet been on with the boys while she's there. We'll see.......

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