Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little perspective

I saw the Bill the PT today. Things are looking better. The swelling is almost gone and my tendon barely hurts when Bill twists my ankle as I try resist him. Baby steps. He says I can start running in the pool (Woo Hoo?) and kicking with the kickboard. This is good news because my I feel like my legs are atrophying by the second. I'm looking forward to working them out in the pool tomorrow.

Aside from my third pregnancy (couldn't run: dangerously low placenta), this is by far the longest I have gone without running. Thankfully, most of my worst fears have not come to light.

I have always looked upon running as a sanity preserver. Without the daily run I thought I would quickly spiral straight out of my mind.

Not a big jump, really, but still.

I am pleased and somewhat proud to say that I have kept myself together pretty well. I miss running, sure. I miss it terribly. It feels like my best friend has packed her bags and moved away. But, like anything, it gets easier with time. The ache is not as acute as it was. I am through the woods, so to speak. And I am just beginning to feel the first bright glimmers of hope that my friend may be coming back. I hope she comes back soon.

A lesser fear: that without running I would blow up to the size of a typical Wal-Mart shopper.

(Sorry, but I have lately been appalled by the number of hugely obese people I have seen out in the community. And I don't even go to Wal-Mart. Big fat parents with big fat kids. Makes me endlessly sad and frankly grossed out. What is the deal with all the hugeness out there??)

I have not ballooned. I think I am eating quite a bit less since I stopped running. Swimming and lifting have taken up the rest of the slack. There has been no marked difference in size. I remain right in the meat of the BMI. Not falling behind; not showing off.

So far....

And of course there is the silver lining: The Weight Room. I love going there now! Nice people, fun exercises, good workout. I am working all the big muscle groups (squats, push-ups, rows, hammies and quads), as well as doing some bracing core exercises with the medicine ball. I even went out and bought a medicine ball at a used sporting goods store. Mercy!

When I start running again, I will definitely maintain a Tuesday/Thursday swim and weight routine. I want to stay off injured reserve for the rest of my life, and I'm not getting any younger. I've hit the post-40 slide. Time to fight back!

I found a series of good videos about core training for runners on the Running Times site. They give you a series of videos to follow. The first one is mostly about The Plank (most hated pose but oh, so good for you). So far I have only watched the video and cheered for the featured runner holding her well-muscled self off the ground by her elbows. But I hope to perhaps try some of the videos Very Soon.

Onward and upward. And thanks for all of the kind words during this ordeal, for putting up with my boring self-pity. You have no idea how much it all helps....


  1. You're sounding like your old self Pam! You have now reached the point I reached a couple years ago after working through an injury... decided that I was in the slide and needed to do more than just run. It has worked out okay and I almost think I enjoy and appreciate my running more now.


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