Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday morning again

....and I'm not running. My ankle doesn't hurt. Time to get out and run!


I'm still in the recovery phase, evidently. Need to wait at least until Tuesday. My PT says he sees the whole spectrum of people in his practice. He said "Here we have the people who will not do anything no matter what I tell them. And here (he takes a couple of steps to the right and reaches waaaayyy out there) we have you. We have to tie you down to make you stop."

He says he'd rather deal with my end of the spectrum. Good to know he doesn't think I'm a complete whack-o.

I just walked the dogs for an hour pain free. This is an excellent. I saw a snippet of an article about Erik Skaggs and his kidney failure following his victory at the Where's Waldo 1ooK. If I find the article I'll post it here. The writer asked him how he would cope with Not Running during his recovery. He didn't seem to think it was that big a deal. He said something like, "All that matters is being outside." And he's right. If Erik Skaggs can deal with a running lay-off, so can I.

The swimming/lifting regime is going well. I am getting more familiar with the weight room and starting to chat a little bit with the other people in there. And I keep bumping into people I actually know, which is fun. I am getting lots of double takes: "What are you doing in here?"

It's a whole nuther world in there.

On the non-running front, yesterday I moved donkeys to a new pasture and herded sheep at Terra Firma Farm. So you see I'm not completely useless, although some of the sheep DID break free from me and get into the cabbage patch. Alas.

Can't wait to run again. I can almost taste it!


  1. Savor the anticipation; sip from the frustration; bit off only that which you can handle. When the time comes to run, remember that you can not run all the distance that you missed. Dance a little with the kids, play hopscotch, bounce on the trampoline. Running will take care of itself when the time is right.


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