Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

It has been a wonderful two week break for all of us. I am fully grateful to have kids who are interested in lots of stuff, don't get me wrong, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't need a bit of a rest from all of the activities. So we are just finishing up a 2-week period mostly free from piano and violin and horseback and swimteam and gymnastics and yoga and any sort of formal homeschool stuff (not that we do much of that anyway -- we are definitely on the unstructured end of things here, and that's how we like it).

My stomach is feeling much better. As soon as Christmas, with all of its attendant worries and mad dashes was over, I was able to settle into a good string of relaxing days and things immediately started improving. Which makes me wonder how much of a head case I really am. How much of this stomach business am I manufacturing from within? I wonder....

I started on a homeopathic remedy right after Christmas, and this also seems to be helping. Natrum carbonicum it's called. I put three teeny tiny sugar pills under my tongue each morning and they set me to rights for the rest of the day. All good. Who am I to question why?

Dare I say the teeny tiny pills are helping my foot as well? Because my foot is much better. I ran three hours this morning in the freezing 12-degree wind and snow and the foot held up pretty well. I'm not going to push it much beyond three hours for now. I don't want to backtrack here. But nor do I want to think about it any more. I just want to get on with my life, run when I can and be happy with whatever I can do.

I had two good runs with Susan over the past week or so. Actually, the first run wasn't that great. We ran the day after Christmas on the roads and I had to stop after an hour because my foot was hurting. But we tried again a week later on the snowy trails at Bluff Point and I was able to go two hours with no problems (of course, this was after I started the magic pills!).

Brian was home for a week and a half for the school holidays so I was able to run and swim quite a bit. I found a great swim website with daily workouts posted. So I swam a couple of real workouts and loved every minute. So much more interesting and varied than my usual lap routine. I'm going to print out a bunch more and use them over the winter. I swam 3100 yards in an hour and it felt like 10 minutes.

This morning's run was unexpected and lovely. I got up early to come down and write this blog. I got to perusing some of my blog-friends' blogs, and when I read Alene's account of her two-day, 12-hour New Year's running adventure, I could not sit here for another second. Despite the wicked wind howling outside and the snow and the cold, I layered up and went out. I ended up running for three hours in the lovely morning darkness and light. The sight of the sun coming up behind the trees making the snow glow on the ground, well, it just took my breath away. There is nothing lovelier than a sunrise over snow.

While I was running I tried to think about my running goals for the upcoming year. I am not much of a goal setter, so this does not come naturally to me. I want to get healthy. Specifically, my foot and stomach. I want to be okay with not running Umstead in March (every time I ramp up my training I get injured -- I need to let it go), and perhaps not running any 100's in 2010. I'd like to continue to run joyfully, to not take even a minute of it for granted. I'd like to run some 50s in the spring (Wapack and Pittsfield Peaks) and see how they go before signing up for anything else. I'd like to cultivate patience. And I want to find the magic balance between this running obsession and the rest of my life. I want to write more, play music more, read more. And if this means running less, then I want to figure out how to make that okay.

Man, I love to run. I'll never lose that. I think 50-miles is going to be my signature distance for 2010. There will be years when I will have more time to train. This is simply not going to be one of those years. I have little kids. We homeschool. These are wonderful, critical, joyful years: the sweet spot between babies in the house and teenagers out of the house. I want to be fully present for my kids' childhoods. I want to live close to the bone. I want us to have adventures. Because this is what my life right now is all about. And that is good.

And speaking of adventures, the pond at Beebe Cove froze and we have been skating. Everyone can skate by themselves this year. Such a milestone! My feet and back are thrilled.....


  1. Pam, It sounds like you've had more than your share of holiday stress lately. I hope you're all breathing easier soon! I hope your stomach gets better too. Keep running, spring is on it's way!

  2. I have been obsessively trying not to obsess about what/how/when/where I'll run in 2010. After taking 2009 off from racing, I feel ready again but like you I don't want to be injured or frustrated, I just want to keep running because I love it. I really admire that you went out in that wind because it was horrendous!

  3. Ooo, ice skating on a pond, how fun! Happy New Year, Pam :)

  4. Interesting that you are getting such positive results with natrum Carbonicum. How did you decide that was what you should try?
    Nice swim site--I took note of it, if I ever get back in the swing of a swimming routine. (I haven't been able to make the pool's schedule work with mine for a long time!)
    For what it's worth,I think your attitude on running right now is a is healthy one. ;-)

  5. Alene, all is much more peaceful now. And I LOVE spring! no spring!

    Helen! I've missed you here! Happy New Year. Colchester Half Marathon 2/27?

    Happy New Year, Paige! I expect big things from you in 2010!

    Lori, my naturopath is also a homeopath. She prescribed Nat carb based on my symptoms and my sparking personality. I do recommend swimming. And the workouts make it much more enjoyable.

  6. Pam, I am glad that you are running again, but not glad that you did not ask me to go for a run. I love, love the winter weather! Swimming is another story. Happy New Year. Maybe we can hit a 50 together.


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