Monday, November 29, 2010


Each of my runs these days feels like a gift. The world is so beautiful with the leaves down, the light down, and the water so cold and calm. There was even a scrim of ice on the duck pond half way down River Road this morning. The sun was coming up over the Stonington side of the river, hitting the ice at about 30 degrees and reflecting pale pink. Lovely.

I am once again listening to Anna Karenina as I run. I got the book at the library last year as a Playaway (a portable digital audiobook the size of a playing card) and, through multiple renewals, listened to it all winter. I saw it there at the library again a couple of weeks ago and grabbed it. Let me tell you, it's even better the second time. I will forever associate running in the early morning dark with Anna, Vroksky, Levin, Kitty, Steva, Dolly and all the rest of them. They feel like old friends to me now.

Sometimes I get in one run per day, and sometimes I fit in two. For the first time in a couple of years, I feel like I am getting in shape. Real shape. Possibly even 100-mile shape. So far, aside from a twinge here and there, my foot and lower leg are holding up well. They do better on trails than on roads, but it's difficult to fit trail running into my schedule. I don't want to run on trails by myself at 5 in the morning or at 5 at night. So I mostly stick to the roads, running on people's grass whenever I can get away with it (which is often, since most folks are sleeping as I hoof it across their front yards), and run trails on the weekends.

I am thinking about investing in some of those compression socks. Do they help? I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations.....

Susan and I had a beautiful 3-hour run at Bluff Point last Sunday. We ran in the dark and watched it get light. Susan's dad was with us for the first hour. It's always great to run with him. Susan is thrilled to be able to run with her dad, and I'm sure he feels the same.

We started in the dark.

And then the sun came up as the moon went down....

And so, the day began.... We circled over to Haley Farm, an old working farm that is now a series of trails, maybe three miles total. Lots of people come here to walk their dogs.

Little stop to take care of business.

And on it went..

Just yesterday I went back for a 4 1/2 hour run at Bluff Point. Susan ran 2 with me, which was great. And I ran the rest by myself. Which was also great.


  1. Each run IS a gift. Isn't it nice to feel it? Beautiful pictures, Pam. Also, YES, compression socks!! I use Recofit calf sleeves (not socks) and really feel that they help the lower leg soreness. I'm sure other brands are great as well. If you're interested, there's a review on my blog.
    Keep up the enjoyable and beautiful running!

  2. Thanks, Gretchen. Great review! I ordered the Recofits. Wilderness didn't have them in medium, so I had to go elsewhere, unfortunately. I'll let you know how it goes....


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