Friday, June 19, 2009

Once again, not running

So here I sit on my recently purchased cold gel pack absolutely willing my hamstring to get better.

It's not that bad, really. But it's not getting better. I hurt it two weekends ago at Pittsfield Peaks when I took a spectacular digger running downhill on a rocky jeep road. Once all the regular post-race soreness wore off, the hamstring problem remained.

I have been swimming and run/walking for the past week and a half, but it's still all twangy back there. After yesterday's attempt at a run, I decided to stop. No running, no swimming, no nothing until it gets better.

It has been 24 hours and I am DYING!

All that energy! Yesterday I cleaned the house. I mean I really cleaned it. I located (half hour) and attached the little brush thingy to the vacuum cleaner and DUSTED THE BASEBOARDS! Sweet Jesus, I've never done that in my life. What's the point? It all recycles right back to that tiny ledge in a matter of a week anyway. WHAT'S THE POINT???

Anyway, the house is clean. Or as clean as it's ever going to get. And we are leaving for a family vacation to Williamsburg, VA tonight, so there's all that laundry to do today. And it's pouring rain, so no hanging anything outside on the clothesline.

I can see that without running I would quickly fall into domestic drudgery. I'd turn into Ma Ingalls, making soap from pig fat and churning butter with a baby tied to my back.

Heal, you freaking hamstring, HEAL!

On the upside, I read Born to Run and loved it. Got to the end, spun the book around, and started page 1 all over again.


  1. Ahhh, the antsy runner. I had an ortho say to me once, "Oh, you runners! You are the hardest people to treat because you won't just STOP! JUST STOP WOULD YOU?!!" I finally did and he was right, I healed so much faster. But I feel your pain Pam, I really do. Have a great vacation!

  2. Thanks, Helen. I'm just sneaking out for a swim...shhhhhhh.

  3. Okay Pam, you need to remember your long term goals: Vermont 100 and Grindstone. If you do not heal now, you will be doing the healing when you would really rather be running.

  4. Thanks, Bob. You're right. You're right. I know you're right!

  5. I feel for you!! (believe me) but I agree with everyone else, heal now rather than later!

    I finished Born to Run recently ah--while injured ;)-- and loved it too!

  6. Lori, we certainly in some sort of freaky parallel universe. We are the east and west coast versions of each other!


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