Friday, June 12, 2009

Recovery Week?

Man, that Pittsfield Peaks race took the stuffing out of me! This has been a tough week, mostly because life does not stop or even slow down even though I am absolutely wrecked.

My quads and hamstrings were sore for a couple of days. Stairs and toilets, as always, were challenging. The quads quieted down by midweek, but my right hamstring is still sore. I took a nasty fall while running downhill early in the race and I think I may have pulled something back there. My foot hit a rock, I took a couple of big steps trying to right myself (all in graceful slo mo, of course), and then went down, ass over teakettle onto the trail. I got just bloodied enough to look tough in my skirt. Which is the best you can expect from a downhill tumble.

So I am trying to baby the hamstring this week because I have a big, hilly run scheduled with Susan on Thursday.

I didn't do anything much on Sunday except fend off the kids' requests for pushes in the swing and the like.

"Will you push me?"

"No, honey. I can't."


"Because I can't get out of my chair."

Monday was homeschool beach day. The kids and I went to Harkness Park, which requires a quarter mile downhill stroll across grassy gardens before you hit the beach. Woo, boy. Burdened as I was with all of our beach gear, that was a difficult walk. Downhill on the quads. Yowza!

I swam Monday evening while Nell did her swimteam practice. Slow swimming felt good all over. I did maybe 1500, 2000 yards. Everyone in the pool was passing me. The geriatrics and the three year olds with their floaty bubbles.

Tuesday I walked Eddie. He was going through run withdrawals. When this happens, he chews things. He chewed the insoles to my trail running shoes while they were airing out on the front lawn. Bad dog, Eddie.

Wednesday I did a slow trot with Eddie and swam again. The swimming was much more brisk this time. I passed the 3-year-olds like they were standing still.

I tried to run Thusday while the kids were at Farm Class, but my hamstring hurt. So I did a run/walk instead. I think I did 6 or 7 miles. Took about an hour and a half. But I was all by myself in the middle of the day, which by that time in the week was priceless.

The most difficult part of racing for me is getting through the week that follows. Our three energetic kids are used to having an energetic mom. They don't quite understand that I did myself in over the weekend and need a few days to recover. As my energy wanes, theirs builds up as if to take up the slack. Especially the 4-year-old. Yikes!

My daughter, Nell, and I did a great 7-miler Saturday. She rode her bike and I ran. We had a great time. But that hamstring is still tender. I think I'll just walk today instead of my usual long run. Hamstrings scare me. Visions of months-long lay offs loom. The horror.......

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