Monday, March 9, 2009


What with Daylight Savings Time, I am plunged into morning darkness during my runs once again. It was dark as December this morning -- and just when I was able to get out at 5:30 without a flashlight. Raining, too. But I didn't run yesterday, so I had to get out there this morning.

Once out, the dogs and I had a lovely run. I am getting the hang of handling two dogs: Cinny in the right hand, Eddie in the left. And always leave the house with pocketfuls of plastic bags for the poops. The only problem was the shaking of the coats. Every once in a while, with absolutely no warning, one or the other of the dogs would stop dead and shake off rainwater from from tip to toe, sending me reeling half blind into the gutter.

But here I am. I survived.

We ran for an hour and I thought about absolutely nothing. Which I guess is good. Very Zen of me, you might say.

The kids and I went nowhere today, which was also nice. We played games, read books, did our one obligatory page of math, and welcomed the piano teacher at two o'clock in the afternoon. Our dear and darling teacher, Elizabeth, has agreed to come to our house rather than have us schlep over to hers once a week and clutter her floor with Legos and K'Nex and crayons and books. Good decision for all involved.

I took a yoga class during Nell's swim practice. I haven't taken yoga in years. For some reason it always gives me a headache. I had forgotten that. All the dust on the floor gets sucked into my sinuses and plagues me something terrible. I have to remember to take some sort of sinus pill before I go next week. Alleve or something. Not quite the Yoga way, I guess. I should probably take a fresh, organic herb, but what the hell.

Aside from the throbbing head and face, I enjoyed the class. My quads got a burning workout, my shoulders are sore and my back feels better than it has in some months. I hope I can stick with the class. Seems like a good antidote to the wear and tear on the hips and hamstrings from all the running miles. Either that or it's going to knock me all out of whack, disturb my delicate equilibrium, and send me back to the chiropractor.

So here I sit, all yoga-ed out, a little shaky in the unused muscles. I'm off to join Nell on the couch. She's watching Anne of Green Gables on DVD. She's been listening to it on CD for a couple of weeks and loves it. And in her Nell way, she's full of chatter about all the differences between the movie and the book. Off I go....


  1. I ran outside this morning too - looking like a coal miner with my headlamp and all. Still it felt good to go for a bit with no noise other than my feet pounding and the occasional car.

    I love Yoga but haven't taken classes for year. I recently bought this DVD:

    based on the recommendation from another runner. It's fantastic!! I've been trying to do the sessions twice a week and I'm already feeling more stretchy.

  2. I really am afraid that if I stretch too much I'll snap and ruin that delicate balance of muscle and bone that continues to hold me up...


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